Rhode Hybrid Test Facility

Schwungrad will develop and perform operational testing of a flywheel energy storage plant (4 x 150 kW units) connected to the 110kV electrical grid to demonstrate the provision of fast acting stabilisation system services required by the Transmission System Services, Eirgrid. Schwungrad will also integrate battery technology to produce an innovative hybrid system, connected to the electrical grid to provide further system services.

In the second phase of the project Schwungrad will install additional storage units provide 20 Megawatts of system support capability and 2 Megawatt hours of dynamic energy storage. Schwungrad will install additional 20 Megawatt units at strategic locations in Ireland and across Europe where electrical grid system services are required by system operators.

Schwungrad are intent on partnering with the electrical system operator and as such have submitted a Demonstration Project Initial Assessment application to Eirgrid outlining the proposal to trial, demonstrate and integrate this technology and make the best use of hybrid flywheel/battery technology on the Irish grid.

This innovative project is currently at the final stages of evaluation for EU funding under the Horizon 2020 program, it will facilitate integration of non-synchronous generators (wind) thereby reducing carbon emissions.

It is intended that the initial project will provide templates for future hybrid powered flywheels projects in the areas of planning permissions, environmental assessment, connection agreements and system services contracts as well as providing CE certification and a Grid Code for hybrid powered flywheels. Proving the technology in commercial operation in Ireland will provide a springboard to roll out across Europe and potentially worldwide.

Thanks to Gregory from Climate-KIC for the above animation, which highlights briefly just how the hybrid system will work.