About Us

Schwungrad Energie Ltd. (Schwungrad) specialises in the installation and operation of high energy battery/flywheel storage plant which can support stable, reliable and efficient electricity grid operation. Schwungrad is a consortium of energy specialists and financial investors and is based in Ireland.

Schwungrad intend to provide system services to transmission system operators (TSOs) in European Countries, which will provide for the achievement of renewable electricity targets throughout the EU by enabling higher levels of intermittent and unpredictable renewable generation.

Schwungrad will develop the capability of providing system services in an effective and economical way by adapting proven flywheel and integrating battery technology to produce an innovative hybrid system. The plant equipment will meet relevant EU standards.

Hybrid powered flywheels are not currently used in Europe to provide system services to electricity grids on a utility scale but have emerged as a feasible solution.

There is a growing need for electrical grid stabilisation solutions which will enable greater penetration of intermittent renewable energy generation. This need is global; the market for this service is being established in Ireland and across the EU and is expected to develop worldwide.